Wright's Camp on Gullrock lake

Consercation Policy


To help encourage conservation on our lakes, Wright's Camp will refund the cost of your 8 day Conservation fishing licence, should you choose to use that kind.  To help you get settled into camp quicker upon arrival, and thus out on the lake sooner, we please ask that you pick up your licence before you get to camp.  This also allows us to better prepare the cabins and boats for your arrival.

Our camp and all other camps on Gullrock Lake share a conservation policy which maintains the lakes high level of productivity.  This policy enforces that no walleye over 18 inches or northern pike over 27 1/2 inches may be filleted for any reason.  Releasing these fish over the slot limit ensures that our prime spawning fish are being released, which in turn maximizes each spawn and also increases the number of big fish caught and released.

This policy, which has been in effect for more than 10 years, has greatly improved the fishing on Gullrock and its surrounding lakes.  Not only are more fish being caught, but more trophy sized fish as well.


To purchase your fishing licence in advance, please call the number below.  The licence will be mailed to you, so please call 3 or more weeks prior to your trip.

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