Wright's Camp on Gullrock lake

Boats and Equipment


Available are 16 ft Canadian made Alumarine boats with floorboards and swivel seats.  All boats are equipped with 20 hp Yamaha outboard motors.   

Our upgrade boats are also available upon request.  These 17 ft boats are equipped with full floors, live well, cushioned swivel seats, bilge pumps, and lots of storage space.  The boats are powered by a 50 hp Yamaha with electric start.  For your use and convenience, we provide life jackets, boat cushions, minnow buckets, landing nets, and plenty of advice and directions.

All rental boats are equipped with all necessary boat safety equipment along with anchors, paddles, and life vests if needed.


Should you choose to bring your own boat, Transport Canada requires that you have on board with you the following items.  Fines may be issued if you are caught without these items:

  • paddles
  • Lifejacket of appropriate size
  • watertight flashlight with batteries
  • whistle or air horn
  • buoyant rope of at least 15 meters in length
  • fire extinguisher if boat is equipped with an inboard engine, fixed fuel tank,  or a fuel burning cooking, heating, or refrigerating appliance
  • manual bailer
  • 6 flair or pyrotechnic distress signals
  • navigation lights if boat is operated after sunset





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