Wright's Camp on Gullrock lake

Gullrock Chain of Lakes

image Wright's Camp is host to a system made up of five lakes, all accessible by water.  The camp is located in the channel that connects Keg Lake and Gullrock Lake.  This optimal location on the system provides shelter from the main bodies of rough water.  The current between the two lakes makes for excellent fish habitat that is right out our back door.  The chain of lakes have many different structural and depth differences which help to support a variety of fish.  The lakes accessible by water from the camp are Red Lake, Keg Lake, Gullrock Lake, Ranger Lake and Two Island Lake.  Here is some info on the differences of the lakes. 

Gullrock Lake

The majority of our guests fish mainly on Gullrock.  There are several sunken islands and long points with a maximum depth of about 60 feet, making for good fish structure.  Gullrock has very little for dangerously shallow structure, and the rocks with may cause problems are well marked with buoys.  Gullrock is about 10 miles long and is fairly easy to navigate even for a first timer.

Keg Lake

Keg Lake is located just around the corner from camp.  Fewer guests fish Keg Lake due to several shallow water reefs as well as major underwater structure swings.  The maximum depth on Keg is about 60 feet with some deep holes holding cold water coming from Red Lake.  This tends to keep the water cooler than that of Gullrock Lake.  The temperature differences are an asset in finding active fish on any given day.

Ranger Lake

Ranger Lake is at the furthest point on Gullrock from the camp.  Ranger is a fish sanctuary which is closed until mid June, which provides walleye adequate time to spawn.  Some of our regular guests will fish Ranger Lake when the sanctuary opens and again later in the season when the water has warmed up.  Ranger is a very shallow and weedy lake about 2 1/2 miles long and has a maximum depth of about 10 feet.

Two Island Lake

Two Island Lake is a small lake off of the south end of Gullrock.  It is an easy lake to navigate and has only two dangerously shallow spots, one near the mouth on the Gullrock side, and one in the middle of the lake that is marked.  Two Island has a small amount of structure but can produce good fishing at certain times of the year.

Red Lake

While Red Lake is just upstream from Keg, most of our guests do not fish there.  It is about 7 miles from camp and is very large in comparison to Gullrock.  Red Lake is about 25 miles long and has depths that exceed 150 ft.  Red Lake is fairly easy to navigate as long as you stay on the main traffic areas.  It has many very open areas which can become dangerous in rough water.
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