Wright's Camp on Gullrock lake

Reservation and Cancellation Policies

To make a reservation, call (807) 728-2096.  You are also welcome to e-mail us at info@wrightswildernesscamp.com

Deposit Policy:

To confirm a reservation, we ask for a deposit equal to or exceeding the cabin minimum.  Deposits are due on January 25th, 2017.  After this time, we reserve the right to re-book your cabin.  If you book your cabin after this date, deposits are due immediately, and your cabin will be held for 2 weeks only.

Personal checks are accepted for deposits only.  Balances must be paid with cash or traveler's checks.

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits will be refunded if notice is given before March 15th, 2017.  After this time, deposits can be transferred within the same calendar year but are not refunded.


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